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July 19, 2010

Pohick Church in Lorton, Virginia

Probably one of the most touching I’ve seen.  I found it near some bushes along the edge of the cemetery – a large, well-kept cemetery which is probably pretty expensive to be buried in.  My guess is that this family could not afford a custom headstone… OR possibly this might be a traditional style in… well, I don’t know what country Sr. Gonzales is from.

Can someone help me with the translation?  I stuck it into Google Translate but the results are nonsensical.  I get the feeling that there are some letters I’ve misread, or some idiom I don’t understand.  This is what I’ve got… help!

His love was lord grant us the family I keep calm in the comfort those who sorrow and mourn his absence patience. NDO. Sarada your bird’s mother, wife and children.

No idea what NDO might stand for. Or Sarada.  Man, I totally don’t speak Spanish, why did I choose to post this one?

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