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July 26, 2010

Frey/Morris 1

Frey/Morris 2

Congressional Cemetery in Washington, DC

The tabletop reads as follows:

While wandering down the back roads of my mind,
I came upon a memory of us.
Faces garden-fresh, blooming, and full of promise.
My inner eye welled up.

Furrows etched their way into our field of being.
What had youth’s straightness now bends and curves into acomodation (sic).

We have become ourselves
Not alone, but with each other’s help.

On the face of it, youth’s bloom has gone
Replaced by harder stuff
Whose roots are deep and all-encompassing.

How fortunate we were to have loved each other then
And even more so, to still
love each other


Forthy-three years together
is not enough
but we will be together again.

John Andrew Frey August 29 1929-August 22 1997.
Peter Louis Morris December 29 1929-

And the face of the leg is home to its dedication:

In memory of our parents
George Henry Frey
Marie Berter Frey
Louis Morris Sr
Dorothea Chaplin Morris
And our pets
Bucky, Pudgy
Jeep I, II
Rosie I, II, III
Trannie I, II
Mime I, II
Madame I

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