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Mother and son

July 28, 2010
Mother and son

Beulah Cemetery in Alexandria, Virginia

I found this one really interesting.  There’s nothing particular that stands out about the design of the memorial, but on a stone like this, it’s almost always a husband and wife buried side-by-side.  Or, perhaps, family members who died at the same time (if, for example, they died in a car crash or something).  So I was kind of startled to see that this man died, and then when his mother died two years later she was buried next to him.

It kind of makes me curious… what was their relationship like?  I don’t suspect anything creepy or incestuous – I just mean, the man was 47 years old when he died.  He didn’t have anybody else to be buried with, okay.  But why get a two-person marker like this?  If he wasn’t married/in a relationship/whatever.  And then for the other spot to be taken by his mother… no other family?  No father for her to be buried with? I understand, there are plenty of possible situations that might have made it so that’s not an option.  Divorce, etc.  I just really enjoy thinking about what the stories might be.  What went on in people’s lives, that caused them to be memorialized in death the way they have been? 🙂

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  1. Kevin permalink
    August 5, 2010 4:07 am

    why are there hands clapping on the stone

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