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Haiti Earthquake Memorial

June 2, 2011

My friend’s family recently went on a mission trip to Haiti and came back with photos of a large-scale memorial for the victims of the tragic earthquake that hit near Port-au-Prince on the 12th of January, 2010. The death toll of this magnitude 7.0 earthquake is still under dispute – it could be as high as 220,000.

This memorial has 3,000 crosses, which seems a paltry sum. Only 3,000 crosses to memorialize hundreds of thousands of dead? Well, this location was quickly converted to a mass burial ground in the aftermath of the earthquake, and unfortunately there is not really any way of knowing who is buried here. 3,000 is an approximation of the number buried at this site, so there are 3,000 crosses here.

A sea of 3,000 crosses, with mountains in the background

A closeup of one of the crosses:

This cross has a Creole inscription (roughly translated to "Let's remember those who have gone before us in the journey of life" - I'm guessing on this, can anybody clarify?), with lovely handpainted flowers.

Overlooking the sea of crosses is a hill, lined with a deep purple path leading to a large cross shrouded in white, with black ribbons.

Cross with shrouds and ribbons

One last image, of the hill with the shrouded cross:

Purple path up the hill to the shrouded cross

I know that this is not my typical type of post. But when I saw these pictures something really struck me. I won’t preach about donating, BUT if you feel like donating to help rebuild Haiti, please do so. Every cent goes a long way. Check the Haiti Relief Fund, or the American Red Cross.

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